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This would have been cool, I will admit

Cataclysm Roundup: Welcome to the New World (of Warcraft)

I think apologies are in order. This post was promised to you on Friday. I could bring up multiple excuses such as exams are looming, Diablo 3 took my time, or perhaps the most ominous, I am succumbing to post expansion burnout (shudder), but I wont. Instead, I will stop spending time writing a post-script […]

Cho'gall, the pinacle of mutation

Cataclysm Round-Up: Why you should love tier 11 as much as I do

I really enjoyed Catclaysm. I enjoyed it for a variety of reasons; a lot of my friends started playing at the time, we started a guild, and raided together, classes had been streamlined, and about halfway through 4.0, Ret Pallys became viable! One of the biggest things I liked, however, was Tier 11. Tier 11 […]