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This would have been cool, I will admit

Cataclysm Roundup: Welcome to the New World (of Warcraft)

I think apologies are in order. This post was promised to you on Friday. I could bring up multiple excuses such as exams are looming, Diablo 3 took my time, or perhaps the most ominous, I am succumbing to post expansion burnout (shudder), but I wont. Instead, I will stop spending time writing a post-script […]

Dark Developments

Welcome to the very first Dark Developments, your fortnightly counterpoint to the Holy Happenings, and my chance to share with you what I have been up to this week and what to expect for my Friday post. I have to admit, JustRight does come up with some good ideas everyone now and then. For example, getting […]

On Judgement

Now that I find myself signed up for the role of editor and co-author, I suppose I may have to do more than just correct The Esteemed Creator on his poor, and quite frankly infantile use of the English language. Thus I have committed to writing a fortnightly post, of which you are reading the […]