About NotTooHeavy

JustRight: Author, Creator

Brady started playing Runescape way back in 1998, and has been hooked on games and MMO’s since. He has been on and off with WoW over the last couple of years, but due to economic incentives, is currently in a one year relationship, which both are enjoying very much.

He also enjoys MOBA’s of all kinds, with DoTA 2 being the current infactuation, has a love/hate relationship with Starcraft 2, and releases his (sexual) tension by headshotting (read: getting headshot by) people in Team Fortress 2, CoD (mostly MW3; don’t hate) and Battlefield 3.

Currently studying and working part time in Sydney, Brady unwisely allocates time during the work day to write this blog, which would be much better spent not attracting the ire of his boss or getting better grades.

Currently Brady is rolling three mains on the server Barthilas, hordeside; Justlight the Paladin, Heavyaxe the Warrior, and Primalight the Shaman, all three of which are currently looking for a new home.

Expect thoughtful discussion and well spoken debate about all the topics and issues relating to WoW, games and life in general.

Escalier: Editor, Coauthor

Nick enjoys correct spelling and punctuation, collecting games on Steam (last count was 305), and getting (helpless victims) caught in the rain. Currently, he is playing his Demonology Warlock, Escalier, and shares time between his two tanking alts; a Blood Death Knight, Refried, and a Protection Paladin, Excalier.

After creatively suggesting to Brady that his grammar and punctuation was worse than a dyslexic kindergartener, Nick was press ganged into taking the role of Editor for NotTooHeavy or risk holy absolution of his precious warlock (for those who don’t know what that does, the process turns a warlock back into a mage).

Expect provocative debate, counter arguments and juxstapostion to everything Brady says.



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