NBI: Thoughts from a happy pally

Alright, you caught me. Friday’s blog was a bit of a cop out. All I did was reblog Syp’s original post, not that he doesn’t deserve all the credit mind you, but I owe it to you 6 or seven people who have been somewhat interested in what myself and Escalier have to say to actually to actually write something.

The NBI has made May a fantastic month, mostly because it finally got me to pursue a long time goal of starting a blog. Ask anyone of my mates and they can verify that for the couple of months before, I had mentioned several times that I should start a blog, but I could never actually get up the courage/effort to do it. Over the same period of time, my interest in blogs and blogging expanded from reading WoW Insider once a week to following several blogs and getting daily updates.

Thus when NBI was announced, it seemed like a dream come true, almost as if the blogging gods had heard my prayer and answered it by providing so many amazing people who have put their time and effort into helping me start my goal. For me, the best part of this month has been the advice articles. Whilst there have been some amazing new blogs come out of all this, I must admit that I haven’t had time to share the success of all my newbie brothers and sisters, instead focusing on all the amazing tidbits and whatnots that all the sponsors have shared over the period.

Two blogs, however, have been stand outs for me; The World of Matticus always seems so informed whether he is discussing improvements to priest healing, showcasing new glyphs or providing invaluable advice for newbies such as myself (links below), this guy has his finger on the pulse. Also worth noting is the sheer amount of content he produces. Not only is he writing for WoW Insider and hosting his own blog, he is also a guild leader, runs their guild site, and manages to keep up-to-date on several other games. I am not sure about the rest of you, but he certainly puts me (and Escalier) to shame. The Jaded Alt won my attention when she managed to write a post about the exact same topic that had been floating around my mind for a while. I often go on about What’s in a Name, and had been meaning to translate my thoughts into an article as my first post, only to find such a well written article that perfectly encapsulated what I was thinking. I felt a strange sense of excitement and disappointment after reading it, but an even stronger sense of resolve which drove me to write my very first post. She also consistently puts in the extra effort, for example this excellent compilation of all the articles below categorised by topic.

Later this week, I will share with you my three new blogs that I have enjoyed the most as part of Ambermmist’s Final Challenge, and maybe even compel Escalier to provide his own thoughts on what this month has meant to him, but to end this post (besides the massive list of links below), a quote from a fellow NBI who has managed to encapsulate the NBI in just a single sentence:

 NBI: The End is only the Beginning

Emerging Blogs:

Lotro Family of Flosiin Nightsong/ Red Neckromonger/ Casual Aggro/ SWTOR from Scratch/ Elfkina vežička/ Unwavering Sentinel/ Windy Acres Ranch/ TL-DR/ Saali in Taborea/ Bad Tauren/ Musings of an Altoholic/ Neurotic Girl/ Geo’s Ironman Challenge/ Crafty’s Corner/ Scattered Thoughts/ The Poison Mushroom/ My Staff is Bigger Than Yours/ Vagabond Goes for a Walk/ EVE All Night/ Dreadblade/ Priest All The Things/ Brazokie’s Blog Space/ Warp to Zero/ Altaclysmic/ Winniekin’s Adventures / Winnie goes F2P/ Diminishing Returns/ World’s End Tavern/ Warrior Needs Time Badly/ We do it the WASD Way!/ Middle-earth Initiative/ That Was An Accident!/ Aggrolicious/ Conveniently Placed Exhaust Port/ Adamant Nomad/ Toastman’s Blog/ Ravalation/ Gaming for Introverts/ The Incidental Analyst/ Funsponge/ Bloodthorne/ AntiPlasmaFrequency/ Kemwer Game Blog/ The Adventures of Danania, Supergirl of Lorien/ Unliving a Death Knight/ Deathstomp/ MMO Juggler/ White Charr/ Not Too Heavy/ Flask Half-Empty/ Raspberry Jammed/ Click to Loot/ Kaw Kaw! Get in the Bag!/ Mistress of Illusions/ Malefic Incantations/ MMO One Night a Week/ Omens of Onterion/ The Blue Haired Geek/ TFScribbles/ Glimpses from Middle-earth/ Goetia’s Letters/ /con mmob/ Gaming Abroad/ Backseat Game Design /Divinity’s Reach/ Big Numbers/ Trippin Tyria/ Eons and Eons Away/ Horrible Ball of Fire/ Image Heavy/ Casually Vicious/ Gaming Brew/ The Roaring Silence/ MMOARprz/ Game Delver/ The Diverted Muse/ Newbie Hobbit/ Battlemastered/ thenotsonewnoob/ Auction House on Farm/ Giddeon’s Hammer/ Noob Raider/ The Altoholic/ stnylan’s musings/ The 10th Level of Gaming Hell/ commentarilies/ Inside the Magic Shop/ Beyond Tannhauser Gate/ Argus or Bust/ Lotro Cinna/ Warlockery/ Stabby McStabStab/ Healing Mains/ The Loony Bin/ Warcraft Street/ Real Adventures in Fake Worlds/ GnomeGates.com/ Hipstalotro/ The Butterfly Gamer/ The Mighty Viking Hamster/ Why I Game/ Wald’s Wanderings/ Ald Shot First/ Sephora’s Closet/ Donovan Drones/ Beyond Reproach/ The Horn & Ivory Gates/ Landroval Style/ MMO Asylum/ Renai Hunter/ Space Fiddle

Advice Posts:

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