Dark Developments

Welcome to the very first Dark Developments, your fortnightly counterpoint to the Holy Happenings, and my chance to share with you what I have been up to this week and what to expect for my Friday post.

I have to admit, JustRight does come up with some good ideas everyone now and then. For example, getting me to edit his blog will produce many benefits, albeit mostly for you guys. More recently, he joined the <The Desired Ones> and got me to come with him. Credit where credit is due, he found a great group of people to raid with, just don’t tell him I said that.

Even more recently, I have been thinking a lot about cataclysm and raiding in general (in no small part due to the eclectic JustRight’s whims). Unlike my co-author, who started way back in The Burning Crusade (right at the end to be fair), I am a Cataclysm baby, and whilst this most definitely has coloured my opinion on good raid design, it has freed me from the crouch of rose-tinted goggles. Thus I have come to the conclusion that whilst personally, Firelands has been the best tier, Dragon Soul is actually perhaps the best tier of raiding in WoW history.

Perhaps I will explain my thoughts this Friday, in my own Cataclysm round-up, or perhaps I will just tell you how tier 11 was most definitely not the best tier, (and thus why JustRight is in fact wrong), only time will tell.


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