Holy Happenings

I apologise in advance for the length of this post. I am trying to keep these catch up posts short, but so much has happened. On a side note, expect the murky musings of my co-author next week, as he takes over the weekly update on a fortnightly basis with his Dark Developments.

It’s been crazy for me this week; starting a brand new blog, having to write to a deadline, reading SO MANY guides on The NBI Advice Columns Page, late night discussions with my enigmatic co-author about the direction of this blog, and perhaps most exciting of all *drum roll* joining a new guild!

Yes, my prayers to the Light have been answered. <The Desired Ones> have snapped me and Escalier off the market (sorry to all the other guilds who were preparing their offers this week), and we are both now part of their core raiding team.

It’s actually a bit of a funny story. It all started when I saw a priest advertising in /2 for a Ret Pally (who does that, I mean seriously) for DS, some heroics. After being invited to the valor vendor for inspection, I opened with a much used line that has served me well, “Trust me, I won’t come last in dps.”

I am not sure if it was my wit/charm, my amazing good looks, or the general rarity of raiding Ret Pallys, but somehow I got into the run (at this point I had downed real Deathwing a grand total of once on Justlight). After saying hi and what-not I innocuously asked about the missing raid spots in a guild run. Apparently they had always been having trouble with attendence, and the end of expansion apathy had not helped. Beauty, I thought before typing in ‘/raid Well I happen to be looking for a new guild (Justlight says suggestively).’

Well guess my luck, as it happens, the raid leader was a member of my former raid team from Firelands. He recognised my name and a heartfelt reunion ensued. When we finally got into the raid, I managed to pull somewhat respectable dps (I didn’t come last), and after downing H: Morchok, I was given a formal invite.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

So thank you to <The Desired Ones> of Barthilas for taking me on. It was amazing to be part of the team that got your first H: Yor’sahj the Unsleeping and H: Ultraxion kill (yeah, it was a pretty productive run) I am excited to raid with you in the future.

Editor’s Note: JustRight still cannot spell, I apologise for the intellectual damage caused to those who caught it pre-edit.


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