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This would have been cool, I will admit

Cataclysm Roundup: Welcome to the New World (of Warcraft)

I think apologies are in order. This post was promised to you on Friday. I could bring up multiple excuses such as exams are looming, Diablo 3 took my time, or perhaps the most ominous, I am succumbing to post expansion burnout (shudder), but I wont. Instead, I will stop spending time writing a post-script […]

Dark Developments

Welcome to the very first Dark Developments, your fortnightly counterpoint to the Holy Happenings, and my chance to share with you what I have been up to this week and what to expect for my Friday post. I have to admit, JustRight does come up with some good ideas everyone now and then. For example, getting […]

Cho'gall, the pinacle of mutation

Cataclysm Round-Up: Why you should love tier 11 as much as I do

I really enjoyed Catclaysm. I enjoyed it for a variety of reasons; a lot of my friends started playing at the time, we started a guild, and raided together, classes had been streamlined, and about halfway through 4.0, Ret Pallys became viable! One of the biggest things I liked, however, was Tier 11. Tier 11 […]

Holy Happenings

I apologise in advance for the length of this post. I am trying to keep these catch up posts short, but so much has happened. On a side note, expect the murky musings of my co-author next week, as he takes over the weekly update on a fortnightly basis with his Dark Developments. It’s been crazy for […]

On Judgement

Now that I find myself signed up for the role of editor and co-author, I suppose I may have to do more than just correct The Esteemed Creator on his poor, and quite frankly infantile use of the English language. Thus I have committed to writing a fortnightly post, of which you are reading the […]

Holy Happenings

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get this blog off the ground with a special thanks to Escalier, my new editor and co-author. I will hopefully be able to coerce him into writing a post every now and then, so stay tuned. I only have a short post for you today, […]

Conventional Naming

First and foremost, hi everybody. I would just like to thank the Newbie Blogger Initiative over at for helping me finally get up the gumption to start this thing. If (god forbid) people actually become interested in my mad musings, I may think about doing an ‘about me’ post in the future. Naming something is […]